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Wild Posters – Teaser

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Events, Time Square billboards, exhibitions, wall murals

Copy: It’s there. In the back of your head. On your shoulder. Behind your eyes. Lurking in the corner of the room. The voice that keeps you up at night. The song you haven’t yet sung. The story you have yet to tell. The idea that refuses to die. And it whispers: never, ever stop. Few hear it; even fewer chase it. What’s your wild rabbit?

Copy: Winning ten world titles in eight different weight classes was not enough. Now I want to take the fight outside the ring. To fight the fights that really matter, that’s my Wild Rabbit. - MANNY PACQUIAO. What’s your wild rabbit?

Copy: It lives inside my heart. I follow it whether it’s moving wildly through being in love,recklessly creating a piece of art, or making music. I have to chase it. And I will never give up. To constantly bring something new into this world, that’s my Wild Rabbit. - ERYKAH BADU. What’s your wild rabbit?

Copy: “That would have never happened in real life.” That’s what my father used to say about movies. He loved them, but he didn’t believe them. So I decided to make stories that capture real life and real experiences. To portray life as people really see and feel it, that’s my Wild Rabbit - MARTIN SCORSESE. What’s your wild rabbit?

Director: Johnny Green    Photographer: Frank Ockenfels    Designer: Craig Ward